1. SERVICE Commitment

BAYWELLBIO provides lifetime service for all the sold products with BAYWELLBIO brand.

2.Warranty Statement

For the products which need to be replaced within the warranty period, BAYWELLBIO will replace them with products which have the same specifications, and the replacing products have same rights as the original products.The original warranty period for the repaired or replaced products which are still in warranty period will not be extended.
   For more details about free warranty, please contact to

3.Warranty Exemptions

When the warranty period is expired,services will be charged at reasonable cost and it should be born by the user.

4.Complaint Procedure

I. Please provide us with the following information when such after-sales service is needed:      
 (1)The serial No. of the product.      
 (2)Your detailed information  
 II.Response to customer within 8 office hours,  Provide professional solutions to customer. The possible defective spare parts will be returned to BAYWELLBIO for test,  repair or replace  
 III. Get positive feedback from customer before close the service case.

5.Software update to latest technology

Along with constant technology innovation, BAYWELLBIO continues to provide software update service, expanding products values for customers and keeping you up with the latest technology.