BAYWELLBIO - Veterinary Diagnostic Products manufacturer.

Medical Equipment

Provides qualitative and quantitative rapid detection kits based on immunolateral chromatography...

Pet rapid test kit

Used in the diagnosis of pet diseases such as dogs and cats, antibody immunization, pet breeding...

Livestock rapid test kit

Diagnostics for the diagnosis of diseases, antibody levels and early pregnancy in pigs, cattle, sheep..




Attending London Vet show 2019
London vet show is the largest platform for veterinary training and pet industry development in Europe. The 2-day...
Baywellbio Shine at WESAVC
The East and West small animal clinical veterinary conference(WESAVC) is a non-profit public welfare meeting and....
Baywellbio Attend NAVC
The North American Veterinary Association (NAVC) is a non-profit organization that provides world-class products...

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